Stump Removal

Stump Grinding & Removal


Having a well-designed landscape is one of the top priorities for a homeowner. At some point, tree stumps will be part of the scene, and no one wants that.

When this happens, leave it to us. At Rancho Tree Care, we are a fast growing business dedicated to serving all our customers diligently, for all the stump removal needs.

Why us?

At Rancho Cucamong Tree Care, we believe that the greatest reward is achieved after serving people well. We have state of the art equipment for removing the stumps, as well as highly qualified personnel, who are the best in the field.

Our services range from providing stump removal services for your home to your place of work.

Our rates are very fair, as you will realize after trying out different stump removal services. We have around the clock customer care services to ensure that you can reach us whenever you are in need, regardless of the time.

Why you should consider removing the stumps

If you have experienced this, you know that having stumps lying around is not a favorable situation. They can cause accidents, which makes them a hazard even to the environment. They deter so many activities from taking place around the area, like when children need to play or when the grass needs to be cut.

They also make the surroundings to appear ugly. It’s always advisable to remove any stumps you notice appearing on your landscape. This is because despite being a hazard to people, they can even decay which will act as an attraction to insects.

All in all, the whole place becomes unbearable to live on.

You might think of removing the stump by yourself. We firmly advise against this. You might end up getting injured in the process.

Keep in mind that stumps have deep roots that are stubborn to come out, if not removed by professionals. This is where we come in. We will handle the stump removal efficiently, without causing extensive damage to the environment.

How we do it

There are various ways of removing stumps from the ground. At Rancho Cucamonga, we will always opt for the method that is the most efficient, and which leaves minimal damage to the environment.

We use grinding in most cases. We will grind the stump until it’s reduced to a pulp. As the client, you will decide on what to do with the pulp. You can either choose to discard it, which we will take care of, for you. Alternatively, you can opt to use it to cover part of your landscape, as mulch.

Here is the deal. You cannot remove stumps on your own. So why not engage our services? Let the professionals take care of you.