Tree Trimming

We have been pruning the gorgeous trees of the Inland Empire for decades. We have the cherry picker trucks and the big ladders and ropes so you don't have to risk your safety getting the job done.

Tree Removal

Stump grinding | branches | fallen trees

Call Now - we know how wonderful it is to get these messy items cleaned up and restore your yard to order.

Emergency Tree Services

Call Now - we know how distressing it is when a branch or an entire tree falls in front of the car. Yes - we have come to many sites where the tree broke the roof or dented the car. We're ready to rescue you.

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Tree Evaluations

Are you concerned about the possibility of diseases or pests on your tree? We have a trained arborist on staff who can give you a complete assessment of the situation.  Call now.


Inland Empire Palm Tree Skinning

Palm Tree Skinning

One of the greatest features of the Inland Empire is thousands of gorgeous palm trees letting the whole world know that we are in a tropical climate. Without a professional, it is hard to keep your palm trees manicured.  I know your kids want to shimmy all the way up the long thin trunk but Dad has no way of getting up to the top.

California has the best and most beautiful palm trees in the country. There are many palm tree care procedures such as palm tree skinning.

You may have caught this process in progress when you are looking up to admire the tree and see the brown almost furry looking loose coverings at the top. Well, this can choke a palm tree off in a way to make it understandable and very simply that skin needs to be removed. We also trim the palm fronds. You don’t want someone being struck by a dead palm from after all, they are a bit sharp!


Rancho Tree Care - removal

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal can be very overwhelming especially after a storm. You may be left with branches on the roof and damage to deal with. You may also live in a neighborhood that has had a tree fall across a road and you have to have it removed. There are a lot of reasons to have a tree removed. We are there to help and we are available 24 hours a day to remove emergency fallen trees unless weather or acts of God prevent it.


The weight of moss when it is wet can weigh a tree down and can make the branches heavy which can make for a break. Moss is beautiful and will never harm a tree directly but it causes other issues. We can remove at least 80% of the moss.

Tree Trimming

We love to trim those trees and remember to get ahold of us as soon as you can for an assessment. Make certain you call us if you have just purchased a home and before purchasing land with a stand of trees on it. We want to make sure you know what you are dealing with before you get started. Tree trimming is not inexpensive, especially when you have a stand of trees that need to be checked out. However, when you get a checkup early you can avoid having a big bill later on.

How it works

The first thing you need to do is call us. We will have a certified arborist speak to you and not a receptionist. However, you aren’t going to get a single person at our company that isn’t a certified arborist because we are family owned and operated. Once we have you on the phone, we will be able to assess the situation prior to the visit.

Rancho Tree Care emergency services

The second step is the visit. We will come out while you are home and survey the property with you. We leave nothing a secret. We will tell you and show you as well what the bottom line is. The next step is the assessment and written estimate but we won’t do that until we discuss with you face to face what will be the priority and then we will discuss budget. We want to make sure your services are ones that cover your priorities according to what we advise you in and we also want to make sure you can afford it.

Call us for an assessment now, the sooner the better.


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