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Top Reasons To Tour Rancho Cucamonga, California

This suburban city is loved majorly due to its great views of the San Gabriel Mountains. The downtown well rests at the foot of the famous mountains and the ever smiling 180,000 occupants will be more than willing to welcome you here. The warm Mediterranean climate is great evidence than this city receives more sunny days every year than the 205 national averages.

Besides, this San Bernardino County city is rich in diverse cultures from all over the world and North American natives. With a steady economy, one of the American magazines has shown it as one of the best places to live, not to mention a couple of their Porsche neighborhoods recognized in various magazines. So, With this rich, informative introduction, it is worth to take you through the various reasons you should tour the city of Rancho Cucamonga very soon.

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Various reasons to visit Rancho Cucamonga, Ca

The Rancho Cucamonga Epicenter

A lover of sports and activities? Not just one, two or three but many? Well, this 52-acre multicomplex area is a known center where various activities both national and private are held. Since this city is famous for spending a cool over USD 790 million per year on entertainment, you can be sure to get lots of activities here. Some of them include:

Various filming – they have a beautiful mountain view for the best shots

Vehicle shows – people come to display various brands of vehicles and their prowess

Various shows – popular ones include the farm shows

Sports – baseball and football are common

National performances – armed forces honor awarding

The Joseph Filippi Vineyards

Anyone with a passion for learning about the famous Californian wines is better off with a tour of Joseph Filippi family winery. Here, you not only enjoy the rustic wine cellars but also the rich history of the Californian wine as you take a tour to the vineyards. With over 200 awards, this is truly the pride of California wine production and produces a huge percentage of the same. If you are lucky, you may rub shoulders with prominent people like governors, senators and other senior officials who frequently hold dinners, private parties, fundraisers or any other function here.

The Victoria Gardens Center

A failure to include this on our list of Rancho Cucamonga signature centers. This multicenter gives you a thrilling shopping experience not only because of its vastness but also the diversity of choices. You can never have enough of the shopping experience, and the more you shop, the more want to. The facility offers, various eatery joints, native farm produce goods and the famous Lewis Family theater house. It is convenient for the whole family all day fun you don’t want to miss.

The Cucamonga Canyon

Be it a hike with friends or a drive through with the family; expect to get breathtaking views of this nature piece. If you are a social person, this is a perfect place to mingle with hundreds of hikers who flock here on the weekends and a few on weekdays. It is also a perfect joint to host that charity walk you have always wanted to organize. Most marriages start at this point due to its romantic marriage proposal scenes. However, on your next tour to the canyon, you need to bring some warm clothes as it can get a little too icy cold, especially in the evenings.

The sycamore inn, for great steaks

Finally, on our list is this old in on the ‘’dusty road.’’ If you are looking to wind your tour amid whispers of rich history complimented by mouth-watering steaks to your doneness, then this is the right place. I felt compelled to mention it for the sake of those people who cherish reputation. The inn was used as a tavern for the weary people traveling along this tiresome road to their various destinations. Today, it is an iconic eatery joint with its every rustic look. However, the services are well above five star standards leaving you in surprise. Take your dinners here, and you also enjoy the great Californian wine and the Coyote howls from a distance.


Indeed Rancho Cucamonga is a town worth touring due to its rich history, smiling people and breathtaking sceneries. Do not forget the start of the art camera or selfie stick to preserve your unforgettable memories.