Upland Palm Tree Skinning


Palm Tree Skinning

Palm Tree Skinning is the term used to explain getting rid of the useless frond appendages from the trunk. It supplements aesthetic benefit by creating a more even, soft texture on the trunk surface.

Upland Palm Tree Skinning

After a palm has been trimmed for many years, there are fragments of the palm tree trimming left on the palm trunk. Rancho Cucamonga Palm Tree Skinning offers a service to remove these extra palm skins on the palm trunk. This is called palm tree skinning.

With a razor blade and expertise, our accomplished employees can skin your palm tree. They present it to look fresh, smooth and extra tropical. Palm tree skinning does not harm the health of your tree. In fact, it is advantageous in removing insects and can reduce rat problems since they like to live in the palm skins

Reasons to Use Rancho Cucamonga Palm Tree Skinning

  • Insured
  • Qualified
  • Tree care is our forte
  • We have all the essential equipment to do the job safely and with excellence
  • We clean up after ourselves
  • Reasonable charges

Upland Palm Tree Skinning

The Rancho Cucamonga area has plentiful palm trees. To keep them looking green and pleasant, we trim the dead fronds. To dodge messes from the seed pods and fruit, we can trim those likewise.

Palm Tree Health

It is vital for the health of the palm not to eliminate healthy green fronds. These are what the tree uses with the sun to feed itself. Also, trimming too many green fronds can let the palm to enhance the rate of new frond maturity to feed itself.

Some creatures also like to shelter on the palm trees. A good example is a scorpion. They like to live in the petioles (blades on the outside of the palm). Eliminating these petioles will decrease the habitat for the pests and help keep your property free from them.


Several palms such as Mexican Fan Palms and California Fan Palms reach heights of 60 to 80 feet. These require specialized skill to trim safely.

Because of the dangers linked with these heights would you trust this work to non-insured n? Do not take that type of risk and call us!  We have all the appropriate coverage to protect all concerned.

Palm Tree Care

Palm trees grace hot climate regions with their regal beauty. They come in all shapes and sizes from all corners of the world wherever the sun shines 90 percent of the year. And you know, it gets taken for granted just how much care they need to get them to look as majestic as they do. From palm from removal to skinning these trees need upkeep and yes, someone has to either climb them to do the job or own some heavy duty equipment. Some palm trees are smaller than the average person and stay that way and others, well, they tower buildings on the strip on beaches around the world. So, who do you call for your palm tree care and what do they do? We will answer those questions for you here.


Who do you call to care for palm trees?

That is a common question and one that most tree and lawn care companies get asked a lot. Many people believe that palm trees are not high maintenance and that they just have to wait until a coconut falls or a palm frond falls and pick it up and that is that. They think they grow as healthy as they do because the rain takes care of the watering. It’s not until the palm tree is so close to death that it has to be topped to save it if we can. And regarding waiting for a coconut or palm frond to fall, we wouldn’t want to be responsible for the damage or worse when one of those things hits someone or damages property. Actually, a falling coconut could kill someone and a palm frond which are the branches are razor sharp you wouldn’t want to be cut by one either. So, who do you call? You call us. We are a company that has been around servicing palm trees for decades and we know how to do it effectively.

What makes us so special? We are not just your run-of-the-mill landscapers. We are arborists. That means we are certified to know everything there is to know about indigenous trees and plants. Palm trees are a specialty for us as California is home to several majestic and exotic varieties, all of which need special care. Not only is skinning and palm frond removal necessary but protection against tree diseases such as lethal yellowing and other canker and fungi diseases are needed. One palm tree that is infected can infect others that are not even in close proximity.

We take special pride in our favorite tree. We have certified and licensed palm tree arborists that do nothing much more than consistently service palm trees all over the county. They service both residential and commercial properties and that is a lot of palm trees as well as every species we have in California.



  • Pruning: For a palm tree this means removing the dead palm fronds
  • HOA Palm Tree Care: We will remove, plant, trim and skin your HOA’s palm trees
  • Skinning: This is removal of bark and the overgrowth under the top of the palm tree
  • Removal: We will remove any tree as needed including moving for replanting
  • Installation: We will plant palm trees in and around you residential or commercial property.
  • Stump Grinding and Removal: We will remove unsafe or unsightly tree stumps and grind them into mulch,
  • Tree Hazard Removal: We will remove palm trees that are hazardous to your property.

We are a full spectrum palm tree service and have arborists who are palm tree specialists available to you everyday. Call now.

We are your comprehensive palm tree care specialists in the area.

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