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Fontana California

So, you want to know about the community of Fontana, California? Then you are in the right place. Here we will give you the lowdown on Fontana’s positive vibes.

  1. Nascar Noise! If you love Nascar then Fontana is the number one location for Nascar in the region so, if you are in love with the sport, you won’t mind the noise!
  2. Tamarind Avenue: Eight Seven Seven five is the exact address that one of most badass gangsters ever lived had a home. You guessed it–Uncle Al himself–Al Capone

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  1. Rabbits, Rabbits and More Rabbits! From the late roaring twenties to nearly 4 decades out, the rabbit breeding industry and study took place here so there’s a bit of odd unusual history you can share with others.
  2. El Salvadorian Fare! This place may not be the most exotic of places but you can find the best of El Salvadorian food there. La Pupusas is actually one of the top-rated restaurants in town and they are known for–you guessed it–pupusas.What are they? They are tortilla shells stuffed with cheese, meats and lots of other warm and wonderful gastronomical fun!
  3. Route 66: It’s the way you get your kicks on route 66. You remember that song? And even if you don’t, you must know that route 66 is one of the most famous roads in the USA and one of the most travelled as well. It’s the bucket list road. And on it there are some wild and wonderful things to do and view. Well, it’s no different in Fontana, no sir–because Fontana has the Orange. Bono’s Historic Orange that is! Don’t try and buy a Orange there though; it’s been shut for forever but you could head down to the Fontana green farmer’s market downtown.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger loves Fontana: In fact, he is the guardian over it. No, just his picture. The steel mill was home to the shooting of Terminator 2 and there is an incredible stories tall picture of him painted on the wall just towering over the town.
  5. It’s got mountains: Well it’s got A… mountain, Mount Jurupa to be exact. There is a wonderful and peaceful nature reserve there called Mary Vagle Nature Center. You can sit by the pond or picnic and watch everything from Fox to Rattlesnake.
  6. Artist are made here: If you are good with a brush stroke or want to try your hand at clay modeling, just come to Fontana where artists are made in the shade at The Art Depot. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your skill level is, this is where the town comes to express themselves artistically.
  7. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades: Unless you are in Fontana that is. Think you could be the next horseshoe throwing cowboy? Then test your shots at the Fontana horseshoe club.
  8. Mormon History: Read about how Mormons became Catholics in Fontana and how they made it back to Salt Lake City, Utah where they remain today. It is a long and interesting history that isn’t told much beyond SLC Utah and sheds an admirable light on the folks that live and work hard there today.

Whatever you can say about Fontana California, it is small and has a lot of well, diverse classes and touristy things to see, do and visit, it sure has some nice folks. Sure, it seems that it is not so sure of its identity but when you visit, talk to one of the townspeople, no, talk to several and we promise you, you’ll be back.