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Our company has been in the area serving the community for decades. The landscape is our home and every customer is our neighbor. At least we know you like a good neighbor. No we aren’t State Farm but we guess you can say we are the tree care company that insures your home against danger, expense and property damage.

Rancho Tree Care Stump Grinding

This is our promise to you as your neighborhood arborists for over 30 years. We are a family owned and run company that is devoted to our customers like no other. Not only do we come to you with knowledge that most companies simply don’t offer. Why? Because we know the landscape in the county and the state. We know what to put together to make your landscape the most attractive and yet healthy.

The services we offer are all geared toward the present and future health of your trees, plants and shrubs. With us, there is no fear of having palm trees, pine trees, fichus or whatever your heart may desire to beautify your home.  We understand that tree care is a science and we are the tree care scientists that are certified arborists and we are ready to get your landscape healthy and keep it that way.

Rancho Tree Care Disease evaluation

We do everything that is indigenous to each tree, plant and shrub. So, why do you have a tree service bothering to care for your shrubs and plants? Because when you have certified arborists working on your landscape, you have trusted your home and landscape with people that treat your property and the plants, trees and shrubs like an ecosystem.

This is exactly what it is in the first place. There is always a symbiotic relationship between each living thing in the garden. The root systems of the trees, plants or shrubs will either nourish or poison the living things around it. This is an important thing to know. Sometimes there is a tendency to push aside a dying plant or tree as just one of those circle of life things that happen. But, we assure you and will educate you on the fact that it is not true.

A certified arborist will be able to look at a tree, plant or shrub and get a proper and laser-clear bead on what the cause for any sickness or discoloration etc. This is very important to be aware of. Landscaping is not inexpensive. So, making good choices are imperative when you are even purchasing and planting one small item.

We understand that it seems overwhelming. Everyone has a beautiful lawn and garden, surely they don’t have to think of all this? Well, yes they do. This is why they do and why it seems like the gardens of your neighbors are just thriving on their own. Trees especially can harbor disease in a way that you may not notice for years.

Trees have a tendency for infection internally and may still be blooming and growing leaves. Unless the tree suffers from fungus or  tumors then you may not know. Then, all of a sudden, a tree falls or limbs start falling. This can happen in a storm or for any reason at all. This is when property damages occur. You don’t want to wait.

You can count on us to work with your insurance company to help assist you in a tree care emergency.  There is nothing we won’t do or haven’t done within reason to help our customers get the best tree care possible.