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Commercial Tree Care

Anyone who has a stand of trees outside there home or on a large property, they know how much of a challenge it can be to keep the trees healthy and looking their best. In fact, most people can’t tell if a tree is suffering any disease with the naked eye. It takes a trained eye to do that and that’s what a certified arborist is for. You can look at a tree and still see blooms and healthy leaves but the trunk and inside can tell you a lot more even the way those healthy blooms, leaves and branches are growing that would look normal to the layman. That’s where our company comes into play. We are a family owned and operated tree care service. So, what makes us different? We have every member of staff a certified arborist.

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This means that no matter who you speak to there will always be a person on the other end that can answer your questions equally. There’s nothing worse than calling a company with a receptionist that will take a message. That’s a surefire way of losing business to someone else and risking another company not delivering what is needed for the customer. You will never experience that here.

We are the premier tree care company that will care for your commercial property’s stand of trees and landscape. We know you have to factor this into the budget for your business. We know how to deal with working with you effectively and making certain that it’s affordable. We do suggest things to you that will help save your money in the long and short-run. This is because there is an entire education that comes with trees and landscape. You have to be able to gauge when certain things, even if small need to be done with the most effectiveness.

When you have a commercial tree situation, it is unique; both in the way you care for the trees and in the way they are affecting the property. A trained arborist that is assigned to your property and knows the nuances of your property is imperative to your success and your budget. It’s more than just calling the lawn or landscape guy and asking them to trim a branch or two from the property. Before we get into the individual services, here, we will first get into the way the system works and the benefits to you.

When you have trees that are in contact with any structure or people it can be a legal and a hazardous endeavor. There is a chance that your world can change in a moment. You arrive at your property and you find people calling you to tell you that a branch fell on their Maserati and guess what? You have to pay for it. Or, after a storm a branch damaged a business in your building and they refuse to pay rent until you pay for that damage. Sometimes there are missing elements in the insurances that businesses have and a seemingly small incident on the property will leave you with a huge issue.

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Timing is everything when you look at any stand of trees dotted along property lines, you’ll notice healthy green leaves and beautiful seasonal blooms. Occasionally, you’ll notice tumors as knots on a tree or a fungus. That means there’s trouble brewing but most feel that if the tree is blooming and looks strong that it’s not a problem. But, here is the reality of that thought trend. Fungus, tumors and other issues with the trees will be future signs of tree death. A tree can be dead already and still have leaves on it. It’s only when it’s bare and when people notice that it

hasn’t bloomed or grown leaves in a long while that people discover it’s dead. Then, it is a fall risk.


Tree disease will pose other hazards that are unknown to most. When a tree develops fungus it starts to rot because it is literally being eaten alive. When a natural plant begins to decompose, the food chain goes on. Dead trees and plants play host to a million different pests. This is just fine and dandy when you have trees that are out in the woods somewhere where the deer and antelope roam. But, when it’s near your property and that of others it’s an issue. Armies of ants and not to mention wildlife love to feed on these things causing even more damage to property. This means more out of pocket expense for you and your property. We see so much of this when we have customers with multiple properties around the county and even the state. It costs business owners thousands in repair and millions in reparations to people that one tree may have caused.

With us, you have no worries about any of this because here, we will share how the system works. First you call and speak to one of our trained and certified arborists. The phone conversation is short and will entail a few very targeted questions then, we will come out to investigate the property. Our uniformed and professional arborists will arrive at your business and speak to the person in charge of the grounds and decision makers. We suggest that you have at some point in the conversation, the people that are actually caring for the grounds that would be instrumental in the education about the situation be present. This is because they are the eyes and hands that can see and feel what we ask them to in an attempt to maintain tree health as a team. After the assessment there may be soil and bark samples, pictures and such to be taken back and analysed to determine what we’re dealing with.

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Once all the data is collected and we can identify all the challenges we have to face, then we will write an estimate. Once you’ve looked the estimate over and discussed it with partners and the like, and have established a budget and a plan of attack. Treatment will then commence. When we have begun treatment, a maintenance plan will have to be set in motion. This will ensure that the trees do not cost any more money going forward foreseeably in the future for the common ailments. This also means you won’t have to worry about lawsuits and property damage.


For commercial properties the services provided are much like those provided for to residential customers only on a larger scale.

Tree Trimming: Tree trimming is done after the inspection of the tree and determining growth pattern the tree or trees will be trimmed at certain times. Many things are taken into account in tree trimming. First, we look at the tree species. Then, we trim it according to what it is and when the best times to trim are. We will always go one step further. We won’t ever just show up to trim your trees. This would not be professional. In our initial visit, we investigate the compatibility of the trees one with the other. This is crucial and any incompatibilities need to be addressed. If it is not addressed it will breed more issues and tree trimming will be ineffective.

Tree Topping: We are not a great fan of tree topping. The practice is over used but we will determine if the tree needs to be topped. If not, we will suggest a better solution for the tree and the property manager or owner. Tree topping is fast and takes care of an initial issue but will actually stunt the growth and eventually kill off the tree and this is never the goal of treating trees.

Palm Tree Skinning: We in California have large properties both commercial and residential and some combined and there are majestic palm trees. But, how do they actually stay that way? By great tree maintenance. You may have to skin the palm tree of the extra bark from the top to middle and trim the dead palm fronds. This is a process that is important. This is going to prevent the palm fronds from falling on people and on roofs and on cars. Especially in a high-end neighborhood. But it is important for safety too. Palm fronds are sharp and can injure someone. As well as there being the top bark that comes loose and falls.

Organic Nature Based Tree Care: There are many people that are very conscious about being green. Many companies also follow the same sentiment and feel very seriously about it. It is a very important to us as well , so much so that we offer a very green and naturally based treatment that actually works with the natural flow of nature. So how do you do that? Even when we grind stumps we don’t use any acids that are synthetic and we don’t use pesticides or fertilizers that are synthetic and harmful.

Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is available as well for the properties that have had a tree felled and now have a stump. Stumps can be a draw for bugs and other infestations plus it doesn’t look very appealing.

Tree Removal: Sometimes you need to get rid of trees as much as you may not want to. Trees can be dangerous to have around when they are dealing with storms and damage. Tree removal can help to refresh your tree stand and property and felling the trees that are there and are dead or dying. We will always do our best attempt to save a tree but when we can’t we will fell the tree for you and you are able to have us chip it.