The Beauty Of Claremont, California

At the foot of San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County, California lies the beautiful city of Claremont. This home of the famous Claremont colleges and only holds a small population of 36,000 ever blissful people. According to popular magazines in the United States of America, the city ranks top five of the best places to live in due to its Porsche gated communities and luxurious condos. Another contributing factor to its beauty is the fact that it is primarily for residential living safe for a few economic activities which are necessary for the economy anyway.

This city has the best climate favoring the rich growth of vegetation, and the area has seen great development and support in vegetation from various organizations. Since it has one of the hottest summers and coldest winters, the common vegetation is a one which can comfortably adapt to the two extreme conditions.

Various things to do in Claremont

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens

It has to be nature and nature. Right? South of the San Gabriel hills lies this botanical garden. The main purpose of the botanical garden is to promote the existence of the California native plants and preserve them. This has attracted not only tourists but also the researchers with the quest of learning more about the native plants. Some dedicated florists and botany researchers have a research center in these 35 hectares of land. It is also a home to many birds and other small species of animals. You can take a walk to enjoy the nature as it is open to the public under strictly guided conditions.

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The Folk Music Center Claremont

They say that Claremont is the home of folk music center for the spring time. The Grammy award-winning family of Ben Harper owns the show. If you are looking to entice your partner, be sure to visit the open mic show on the last Sunday of the month for great Karaoke nights. Various shows from both local and international folk music stars are common in this theater. This means that people are kept entertained throughout the year.

The museums

The love of museums is always live for everyone. Kids in particular love to see and learn about great historic facts and cultural stuff. The Raymond M Alf Museum is a place to blow anyone’s minds with its dinosaur skeletons and other extinct animals’ remains as scientists discover them. However, cameras or video recorders are not allowed in the museum, and all you have to do is watch with your eyes and learn. Another awesome museum is the Claremont Museum of Art. If you enjoy the work of great artists from all over the world, then you are better off with a tour of this place.

The Claremont Village District

Claremont is a small town packed with activities you can never complete in one weekend. Yet, another historic folk architecture center rich in history. The Konstanty Polish immigrant built this 15 folk architecture during the Great Depression. While here, you can be sure to learn and enjoy at the same time.

Other attraction and fun joints

Apart from these cultural and heritage centers, the lovers of clubbing and dining can find many joints to be merry depending on expenditure powers and preference. Claremont is known to have some of the best eatery joints in California to cater for all groups of people including family and friends


Claremont is indeed a city of flowers, trees, and thousands of bird’s species and other small animals. They are well controlled and managed by the authorities, and thus the streets are clean. Its beauty is mesmerizing, and you will definitely want to come back again.