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Our Approach

At Rancho Cucamonga Tree Care we know that you can't wait around for the services you need. We have been serving the Inland Empire for over 30 years. We are committed to your complete satisfaction on every job we do.


Our Story

At Rancho Tree Care we care about our customers. We’ve been providing quality tree care for decades. So what makes us stand out from the rest? Sure, you may find a tree care company that has been around for as long and maybe longer but, there aren’t many that know the client as intimately as we do. How does this happen?

We are a family owned and operated, full charge tree care company. We have supported each other as a team to make certain we were completely familiar with the landscape. This means taking our company knowledge and expertise to the next level and becoming certified arborists. What does that mean? It means we pay the savings forward to our customers.

Rancho Tree Care Staff

We love what we do and we promise the most comprehensive and free assessments and estimates. This is because when you do it right the first time, you won’t be spending needless money to do it over again. You see, trees that are wrongly planted and trimmed or pruned cause a plethora of future hassle.

And worse than that, they can cost your property a lot of money. We’re conscious of that and we work from the moment you acquire the property or land to inspect each and every tree, shrub and plant for several issues.

First, we are certified to know Xeriscaping. This, married with the certified arborist credential means we know what trees, plants and shrubs should and should not be planted together. It’s not just what looks good, it’s what won’t poison the plants, trees and shrubs around it. There is a science to trees and plants. It is an actual profession in the scientific field to know about the physiology of these living things. They have needs like any other living thing and they don’t play well with others who do not resonate with them.

This means you need scientists to deal with an issue with regard on your trees, shrubs and plants. The soil is a system like the bloodstream and once it’s poisoned there is a great loss. Plants, trees and shrubs are not at all cheap. There is not a shortcut way of landscaping and don’t expect your lawn guy to know what goes with what.

Many like the fact that their lawn cutting company will find the cheapest way to landscape for aesthetics. But, aesthetics is not all there is. You can spend a little now and a lot later this is the concern and with us there will be no concern at all.

Rancho Tree Care Tree Trimming Services

We can actually educate you about the uniqueness of your trees, plants and shrubs. We can let you know the tree ages and the health of them as well as the unique existing issues and the possible future issues you may face. We will always give you the best way to handle the situations in the most cost effective way.

Our company is made up of a crew of arborists with a passion for trees and their care.

As longtime residents, we belong to an extended family of city and local artisans working to better our communities.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with modern, professional and safe arboriculture services to the highest of industry standards and we are recognized and respected for our expertise and approach to every job we carry out.

Environmental friendly services

One of our chief goals is to perform our services in an eco-friendly manner. We reduce our clients’ environmental footprint. In fact, we are anti-lopping and removing a tree is the last resort for us. We would much rather educate people on such issues as preserving these big beauties.

As a green ‘enviro-aware’ business, we are determined to protect, safeguard and conserve the environment.

Environmental preservation and safety are two of our core values, and we make a point of incorporating them into our service standards and work practices.

Experience and expertise

We employ only experienced, and qualified arborists and all works are carried out by the state’s set rules and regulations.

Our services entail:

  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Crown Thinning,
  • Lifting and Reduction
  • Hedge & Shrub Maintenance
  • Tree Planting & Transplanting
  • Stump Grinding
  • Cabling & Bracing
  • Dead Wood Removal
  • Mulching

In case of Emergency and Insurance Works (24 Hour Call Out Service)

Regardless of the value of a potential job, we will spend the same amount of time with every customer. We will evaluate their needs and wants. After that, we will come up with a solution to their garden property. We also supply them with a detailed consultation and recommendation for works.

We are proactive and committed to providing a high standard of Work Health and Safety as well as delivering a professional and expertise service that is aligned with the US Standards, Quality Assurance and Work Health Safety Regulations (2011).

What Approach do we use?

An important objective of our company is to be eco-friendly and reduce our client’s environmental footprint. We try to minimize disturbances to wildlife and their habitat and recycle as much waste as possible. We also ‘upcyle’ the wood for other useful uses.

As a green business, we are at the forefront take care and protect our beautiful environment.

Our extensive know-how of tree biology enables us to minimize the stresses placed on trees while we work on them.

We aim to retain, treat and maintain trees wherever possible, however, if removal is required we will advise options for replanting.

Wherever possible we encourage the use of recycled material that arises from work. Logs can be chopped down and used for firewood. Moreover, mulch can be prepared to ameliorate soil, especially around the base of the trees where it can act as a fertilizer and reduce soil compaction.

We also donate wood the local men’s sheds for ‘upcycling’ into beautiful hand carved items. In other cases, we give to the local school and community garden projects.

We do not hack or lop trees as this is considered unacceptable pruning practice. We carry our work following the set rules

There is no tree project too small or large, please do not hesitate to call us right away for a free estimate.


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